All roads lead to Rome. All religions preach the same message, the Message of Peace and Unity.

In fact, religion is purely a personal domain that should not be brought to public debate. We being humans must use the faculties the Creator has endowed. Even those who don't have faith in God or Creator should not make a mess out of it. They can follow their own conviction without violating other's freedom/rights.

But so much violence is inflicted in today’s world in the name of religion & God.

If you read any sacred text of any religion, the message is same. It is to nurture human values and respect the life.

The Holy Book Bible is full of snippets of wisdom.

If you read the Bible, there is no difference in the sayings of Jesus to what Krishna taught in Bhagavad Gita and the sayings of Muhammad Pravakta in Qur'an.

The central message of life of Jesus is the sacrifice for the sake of others; serve the humanity and leave your personal comforts behind.

Swami Vivekananda, the torchbearer of India's Spiritual Wisdom to the West was a great admirer of Jesus Christ. Between 1888- 1893 when he travelled in his own country – India, he accompanied two books, one of which is 'The Imitation of Christ’ written by Thomas a Kempis.

In many of his tours in the West, Vivekananda was often referred as Hindu Monk, but he is a true messenger of all religions and he spoke a lot on Christ, Muhammad, Buddha and other wisdom masters.

Persecution is not a solution nor enmity a way out. To keep the fabric of society united, respecting all religions is the need of the hour and there is no difference of opinion on this count by any religion!

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