I am a bit over-zealous with books.  My reading habit has travelled from simple passion to addiction.  If you visit my home, you will see more than a hundred books  are lined up  for my reading task.

Ever since, I started writing for my blog,  my habit to watch TV at long stretches has gone.     More time and energies are invested in developing the craft. This passion to write has made me to forget my age.

Watching news on television becomes so  boring  as News readers discuss the headlines with concerned parties in a snail pace  manner, testing your patience.  More so, watching news on television becomes  now an alien concept    in the era of smartphones which update you on the news instantly.     


For a writer, time is very precious.   Snatching time for creative pursuits   is so daunting.  At the same time, the daily quota of reading/ writing can't be ignored.  


When I  write  daily,  I miss a lot of   reading.  Without reading sufficiently, my mind goes blank and there is a fear of drying up.   Balancing these two energy-intensive hobbies is so challenging.  


When I wake up in the morning I search for triggers. Blogger Communities and fellow bloggers  posts give me the  required kick to start my day with bang.  When I see their stuff  my tiredness evaporates and my resolve to improve my craft strengthens.


Better  writing happens when you write  what you feel than what you know. Your  conversing tone and  vocabulary  are the important factors. This is the secret of Indian origin Nobel laureate V.S. Naipaul.     


To write creatively, you must taste all the genres. By reading a lot, you get an opportunity to observe and understand other writers style and mind.   Ruskin Bond,  the great Indian   writer  nonchalantly says that :  I have yet to hear of anyone dying from an overdose of reading ! 


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