Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the old adage goes.  The moot point here is, do we ever have time to pause and take a look around us to enjoy the nature daily ?  


We madly plan for outings or vacations to bring serenity back into our hustle-bustle life.   We  need to pay attention for the simple pleasures of life which are free  even to a penniless.  What we need is a tender heart and time to cherish.  


You need not go to  distant lands to savor the holiday.  The heaven  is just in front of you.  What you need is an attentive eye.   Of course, some tools are required to record the events, and in my case, it is reasonably a standard camera.


In fact, Ruskin Bond, the famous Anglo-Indian  writer who wrote more on Nature, Hills awakened my spirit to rest eternally on the lap of Mother Nature.  He is the force behind me to take more shots on nature. 


The image you are seeing above is taken from  my Samsung E7 mobile camera powered by 13 mega pixels, a few years ago. 


When I restarted my morning walks after a long time, suddenly the tiny park behind my Delhi apartment  looked more  stunning and  exuberated my mood.  The flowers, their unique blend of colours and textures are marvelous.  


I bow my head before the Creator who leisurely created those things with unmatched brain power. The honey bee above silently advises me with its gesture to enjoy each moment of my earthly sojourn. The message is simply not to me  but everybody looking at it.  


When I am struggling to wrap up this passage, a timely quote appeared on my mobile phone's notification bar :


"Why live an ordinary life, when you can live an extraordinary one''

                                          - Anthony Robbins 

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