A few years ago, one  popular English news magazine in India carried  a story regarding display of royal Indian jewels across the world.   The story further added  six royal style icons and their jewelry that made news.

Top on the list  is Maharani Gayatri Devi who was admired for her charm and beauty and  featured in the list of Vogue's Ten Most Beautiful Women of the World.

Natural beauty attracts instantly.   When such beauty is from royal family, the curiosity doubles.  Exactly the same happened  in 2004 when I saw   a review of the  book " Rajmata Gayatri Devi..... Enduring Grace by Dharmendar Kanwar, published by Roli Books.

Roli Books brought out the book in celebration of  their 25 years in the publishing business.  The book is a collector's edition worth to be read again and again.     The author did a fantastic job in taking the reader to the regal  palace life  with rare photographs of queen’s life.   The more interesting part of the book is the  twists and turns in Gayatri Devi's  personal life  in her  marathon journey of 90 years, enduring the personal tragedies of loss of husband and son  in front of  her eyes.

Indira Gandhi had once described Gayatri Devi as a 'glass doll'.    Being  a Maharani of Jaipur in 1940 shortly before turning  twenty-one,  she played a key role in emancipating women of erstwhile Jaipur State and bringing them out of the purdah.

The interesting thing is the author of the book,  Dharmendar Kanwar is  an alumnus of Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls School which speaks her contribution in empowering women through education.   Reading her biography gives glimpses of history of  India beyond  the personal life of one of the most exquisite women on this planet !

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