Cricket in India is a religion.   A couple of match-fixing controversies can't dull the enthusiasm of Indians on cricket.   Cricketers  still wield more power and respect  than politicians and  film stars.


Among the sports fraternity, cricket is simply not a crowd puller but  money mint for organizers.


November, 6, 2014 would be etched in the  memory of  Nation ! This Jewel of Bharat (Bharat Ratna) - Sachin Tendulkar released his book " Playing It My Way : My Autobiography " .  The charisma  of this Cricket God helped a record sale of 2 lakh copies.

The book would give a peep into lesser known facts of this great cricketer's  personal life.


Sachin is  completely a family man.  His public gestures always reflect this point deeply  when he gifted a copy of the book to his mother Rajni.


With the release of his autobiography, the public life of Sachin come to a full circle.  He is already in his 40s and no longer in active public life which means he is bound to go into  archive memory of  a nation which has given him every thing he deserved. 

The book has so many interesting facts and incidents that grip the reader to the last.  Sachin proved to the world that before talent everything should climb down !

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