Until now, I only heard the word 'party animal' which means a person who enjoys going to parties and  drinks a lot of alcohol and behaves in a  loud and wild way.

But you need to have Urban Dictionary to know the meaning of some of the latest words that are  added by some crazy souls.  These words symbolize the latest trends on the  behavioral  front in the societies.

Google is one such company  where you need to have separate dictionary to know the meaning of their vocabulary.  The book 'How Google Works - by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg' which is an interesting read  has a ' Glossary'  where some words invigorated  my  mind  which are  given below:

Learning animals :  People who have the smarts to handle massive change and the character to love it:  They so enjoy learning that they aren't afraid of asking dumb questions or getting wrong answers.

Smart creative : A person who combines deep technical knowledge of his or her trade with intelligence, business savvy, and a host of creative qualities.

Google is a trendsetter in so many ways.  It  is equally unique in coining new words to drive their employees creative.  That’s why, the company within a short span made  huge progress and  is a global technology leader.

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