It is the cream of Upanishadic wisdom.  The Ancient  Indian Texts: Vedas  speak  of it  elaborately.

Is it  something with religious connotations or a subject every human must ponder irrespective of gender and social position ?

Even in this scientific age, it is still relevant  to dwell on it.  When the mind is ready, the first question that pops up immediately : why it is needed ?  It is needed because, we are all enduring existential suffering since our birth.  In fact dualities  caught our systems : Pain & Pleasure.  We use to be more inclined towards pleasurable things and stay away from painful ones.   The real struggle starts here  when we wrangle with others to take our best slice.   This is the root cause of suffering.

Up to 35 years bracket, the hormonal impact does not open up our eyes.  Once that threshold age is crossed, we want to look the world with superior wisdom.  Experience here factors a lot. If the daily experiences are not seen from the prism of the wisdom eye, the journey becomes wretched and the inner disharmony starts aching the heart.   At this crucial juncture, everybody must turn spiritual. 

What does it mean ? Spiritual means, looking life at the best vantage point.  If you can't properly choose the point,  the view you get about the  world  would be blurring and you go on indulging with non-sense stuff.


Rationality is the  key  for spirituality.  Indulging too much with anything is harmful at material plane.  Connecting with the core of our being always keeps the balance.  Being driven by senses is easy and notorious, but keeping a vigil on our own behaviour constantly is the need of the hour.


Self Realization is knowing our very potential. Noted Indian Spiritual Guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has a remarkable ability of simplifying this wisdom into common man's parlance.   He says that the easiest thing in the existence is self-realization.  It is just that you are willing & unwilling at the same time.    

Talking on human potential, he says that you as a person is having the best technology within you.  It  converts the  bread into blood and no human innovation has reached parallel to this level of technology.  The Science is not able to unlock the how phenomena till today.


It means within you there is a  giant sleeping and you are equipped with the tools to unleash the potential.     That how process is called self-realization which is self-driven !  


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