His small verses in vernacular Telugu are so popular in Andhra and Telangana States in  India.  They are simply not poems but snippets of wisdom.

There is an adage in Telugu that a 'bhogi is bound to become yogi'  in course of time.   Vemana's life mirrors this transformation.

Vemana originally known as Kumaragiri Vema Reddy was the third and youngest son of Gaddam Vema, the then king of Kondaveedu in present-day Andhra Pradesh.  Much of the credit for bringing  Vemana's literature to light goes to Britisher C.P. Brown who estimated the year of his birth as 1652 AD based on some of his verses.  Some other sources say, he was born in 15th or 16/17the centuries.

His poems contain four lines and the last line is his signature line ' Viswadhaabhi Raam, Vinura Vema.  A large section of his poems are part of present high school curriculum in  the two Telugu speaking States of  Andhra  and Telangana.   There is a University in his name in Kadapa city, Andhra Pradesh called 'Yogi Vemana University' established in 2006.

The popularity of Vemana in the cultural life of Andhra Pradesh can be emanated from the fact that two feature films were made on Vemana, one in 1947, directed by Kadiri Venkata Reddy and other in 1988, directed by C.S. Rao.

With his remarkable wisdom translated into lucid poetry, Vemana continue to inspire  generations of Andhraites.

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