Though I am an avid reader  and having a blog for  years but  I never  posted even a single  article until March 2011 when a friend of mine persuaded me to do so.   He said that  I should write something regularly so that my creative ideas will find a natural expression and those writings may inspire and benefit at least some people. In my friend's words I should contribute something to society about my ideas/insights/ experiences on life.

After being inspired with his words,  I started writing  articles in  my blog  which  graduated me finally to write for leading newspapers.   

Writing is a tough hobby which needs tremendous mental energies to sustain it . It is in fact a kind of evolving into a higher self.    When I analyzed the lives of highly successful people, I found that Travelling, Reading and Writing ruled their lives. When asked about his life's ambitions after retirement from public life, Shri P. Chidambaram, a prominent Indian politician and ex-cabinet minister  once said that he wants to take a serious pursuit of his three hobbies i.e. Reading, Writing and Travel .

It is true that when your basic  needs are catered, this trio should rule the life.

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