Your routine of the day decides the quality of life you live. If it is not in consonance with nature's cycle, progress in any area of life can't be achieved. This is the pragmatic wisdom and the sooner you realize, the better it would be.

Deepak Chopra, the famous American Indian medical doctor and the champion of health cause on American soil is the right blend of science and philosophy. He suggests that the ideal day should have the following components:

- Sleep Time
- Play Time
- Exercise Time
- Focused Work Time
- Relationship Time
- Down Time - Out of action
- Meditation Time.

Deepak further suggests to draw a Soul Profile by self-questioning the following:

- Who am I?
- What do I want?
- What is my purpose in this life?
- What sort of contribution do I want to make?
- What are my unique skills?
- Who are my heroes?
- What is a meaningful relationship
- What do I expect from one, and what do I give?

These are the questions that take you to the higher level of wisdom in life!

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