Study the face of nature and you will never be bored.

                                        - Ruskin Bond

We easily get bored with the objects and people if the indulgence exceeds a threshold limit. But the same is not the case with Nature. It gives a novelty at every moment.

Health experts advise that we must spend quality time with Nature daily. It stirs you into creativity. A day spent in the lush green patch would give more joy than a day spent in a five-star restaurant as outdoors open your own inner doors of creativity.

Rabindranath Tagore used to spend large chunks of his time in the gardens due to which great writings happened from him. Eminent philosopher of 20th century Jiddu Krishnamurti says that intelligence implies that you see the beauty of the earth, the beauty of the tree, the beauty of the skies, the lovely sunset, the stars, the beauty of subtlety.

The great Indian Writer Khushwant Singh used to spend his mornings and evenings in the park nearby his home. In his much acclaimed book : "Khushwantnama - The Lessons of My Life' he says that "My Nature watching has been mostly restricted to the back garden of my house in Sujan Singh Park, but how much that little garden has taught me !"

Your body is made up of five Primordial Elements and that's why your connection with Nature is eternal. So make it a habit to immerse yourself with Nature on daily basis.

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