Indian wisdom tradition says that senses are outward bound and the more you indulge, the worst would be your condition. Hence, moderation is the key. Make it a habit to continuously judge yourself rather than others. This helps to shine your own inner life.

Make it a rule not to abuse anybody by impulse. Before such toxic emotion runs you, consciously pass it through a filter of your intellect. Observe your reaction before you react. This sounds easy but very difficult to act upon. But with constant practice, it becomes easy.

You must understand other person's emotional cues from the web of your own experiences and respond positively so that you could take your relationships to next level.

Noted Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti in his book "Freedom from known' says that :

>  Relationship between human beings is based on the image-forming, defensive mechanism.

>  In our relationships each one of us builds an image about the other and these two images have relationship, not the human beings themselves.

> The actual relationship between two human beings or between many human beings completely ends when there is the formation of images.

> Relationship based on these images can obviously never bring peace in the relationship, because the images are fictitious and one can not live in an abstraction.

While talking on comparison mania, Krishnamurti says that :

> Why do you compare yourself with another? This comparison has been taught from childhood. In every school A is compared with B, and A destroys himself in order to be like B.

> Trying to become like somebody else, or like your ideal, is one of the main causes of contradiction, confusion and conflict.

Generally, we make snap judgements on roadside unknown people or people with whom we are envious or those with whom we don't have harmony or love and affection.

In fact to judge others is an evolutionary impulse to save ourselves from life threats. But, we the humans need to tackle this situation with what Dalai Lama's model of intimacy which is based on a willingness to open ourselves to many others, to family, friends, and even strangers, forming genuine and deep bonds based on our common humanity.

When you connect others with warmth, there is no question to think ill of him or her!

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  1. It doesn't only talk's about psychology patterns but also it talks about relationships,emotions so on.
    Every one has unique personality.
    Personality here refers not as physical appearance but the person's innerself. At the end I would like to quote DON'T JUDGE BOOK BY IT'S COVER.because everyone is unique in their way.