The other day before my morning coffee was served, my wife brought a news with her elegant smile. It was about one of the daily visitors to the balcony of our 3r floor apartment in South Delhi.


In fact, our day starts with watching a flock of birds that come daily on the roof-top opposite to our home, to eat the grains spread by the bird-lovers of Aadarsh Andha Vidhyalay, a special school-cum-hostel for visually-challenged children which is a stone's throw from our home.

The news was  of a pigeon who laid two eggs on our sapling- pot. I cracked a joke with my wife that our balcony area turned into maternity ward for that bird  which is a symbol of peace. We decided not to disturb the bird till it hatches it’s eggs. I felt amused by seeing the eggs and hoped to see the baby pigeons in a matter of few days. The reason is that I have never seen in my life the process of hatching by pigeons.  


Everything in this world is a marvel. The only prerequisite is, you need to have a pair of curious eyes to watch it. When you do so, a story would  be born to share with the world. Getting an idea or thought for a writer is like laying egg and the process of putting to pen is hatching and the 'final story' is the offspring.


We carefully guarded the pigeon during the process of hatching  as crows tried to eat away. My wife used to give me daily updates on the pigeon during our night dinners and how she maintained wakeful eyes to save the eggs.  


Though  seeing of pigeon eggs need not be an attention grabber and most of us may dismiss it as an ordinary thing, the writer in me wondered to see the very life process the Creator  orchestrates   through eggs.  But the problem with the most of the folks is when you try to narrate them, they don't endorse the same curiosity which may dip your enthusiasm and you refrain from sharing. But the best way to keep your learning curve in tact with age is to immerse into Nature for certain amount of time daily so that you feel connected. It amounts to be 'education'.


The eminent Indian philosopher Jiddu Krishna Murti says that Education is not just to pass examinations, take a degree and a job, get married and settle down, but also to be able to listen to the birds, to see the sky, to see the extraordinary beauty of a tree, and the shape of the hills, and to feel with them, to be really, directly in touch with them. As you grow older, that sense of listening, seeing, unfortunately disappears because you have worries, you want more money, a better car, more children or less children. You become jealous, ambitious, greedy, envious; so you lose the sense of the beauty of the earth.


When it comes to pigeon story, finally, the two eggs were hatched and two very beautiful baby pigeons came out and  after some days both of them had flown out.


Being a father of two children, my heart ached a lot when the first baby pigeon which grew in size in front of me flew out. The caring attitude of mother-pigeon to groom the baby pigeons gave us subtle lessons of how careful we should be in grooming our children. 


The pain of  seeing the baby pigeons leaving us is similar to a child leaving his/her parents after grown up.

Man being a domesticated animal try to connect with everything around him. It happens with everyone and I am not an exception !

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