All the Self-Help books do magic provided  you scrupulously follow their principles with a firm resolve.

I had seen  Gopi Kallayil’s  first You Tube video in March, 2013. His lecture  discussed how  we addict with technology, especially with internet and cursed with a continuous partial attention.

In continuation of his efforts to guide people to live a conscious life, Gopi brought out this amazing book called The Internet to the Inner-Net : Five Ways to Reset your connection and live a Conscious Life   and it has all the necessary ingredients to guide a person for a rich inner life.

Gopi belongs to Kerala, but after studies he went to US in search of a  job and currently he is Chief Evangelist,  Digital Transformation and Strategy at Google.   The book is a technologist's solution for vibrant inner life .

When he imparts yoga training to Googlers, he calls them  yoglers.   He says that the most sophisticated technology is already within you. In response to  his fast-paced professional life, Gopi found his own solutions and this book is the summation of what he progressed on the path of Enlightenment.

The book offers tools to integrate your inner and outer worlds.   In one word, it is a must read book for  those who want to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.

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