In the river of mind, thoughts are like never-ending ripples. In fact, they are the seeds  of our actions. That's why it is quite essential to segregate the productive ones from the  bucket list.

The Search giant Google’s Marketing czar Gopi Kallayil’s (Indian origin) foremost strategy to mange his life is: Focus on Essential.

To focus on essentials, you  have to strike a balance between left and right brain activities. The how of it is best described by German philosopher Goethe who suggests that ‘one should, each day, try to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and if it is possible, speak a few reasonable words. If you allow the creative activities to play their part, you know the priorities of life in a much better way which would help to bring out the best in you.

In fact the Creator is not biased and each one of us are endowed with some unique qualities which the other person has not. Therefore we should not allow our talents die inside of us. Norman Cousins says that the tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we still live. So it is time to prevail on the wisdom, instead of drifting away with impulse which only causes  much more distraction and agony.

Gopi’s another strategy is ‘Do one thing at a time’. This is undisputedly the subtle lesson  you must learn. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you are inclined to do more than one activity simultaneously at any given time feeling pride that you are managing time efficiently. But you don’t know how it is taking its toll. The curse of continuous partial attention  affects the quality of your life. If you set your foot on too many activities at the same time, you end up nowhere. In fact, our brains are not equipped for multi-tasking at conscious level. Alexander Graham Bell rightly says that concentrate all your thoughts upon the work on hand. He further says that sun’s rays don’t burn until brought to a focus.

In order to take the things closer to your heart, inner integrity is utmost important which one personality development guru advises us to operate ‘Daily Personal Integrity Account’ to gauge whether or not it follows the whip. Instead of plug and play syndrome, your actions should be based on your own experience learnt from life.

Gopi’s last strategy is : Friend yourself. He says that it matters little how many friends you have on  the social networking sites. He further says that it also matters little how greatly you are networked in life. Unless you are a good friend of your own self, nothing worthwhile could be achieved.  You must make your mind to recognize the fact that the daily chunks of solitude bring a new level of wisdom in life. It is the only way to friend with yourself. In those solitary times, you get an opportunity to reflect upon a day’s activities so as to prepare yourself for other day's work with more precision, vigour and alacrity. This is the cream of wisdom which you could neglect at  your  own peril.

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