The 14th Dalai Lama is known for his signature smile all over the world for the last half a century. Driven by the teachings of Buddha, Dalai Lama silently endured all the  ordeals in his personal life. Showing a bountiful of compassion on fellow beings, he stands before us as a Messiah of Peace and Compassion.  Generally the  man of his age  86 confines to one place to count the last days. But, his punishing schedules wonder anybody as he is a globetrotter through out the year without any iota of tiredness.

It is true that when a person develops an exemplary conduct, certainly he/she develops an energy center which emanates positive vibrations. Dalai Lama when he smiles, his child-like innocence mesmerizes the onlookers.

When I read his book " The Art of Happiness- A handbook for living " co-authored with Howard C. Cutler,  I cherished to meet him in person or at least take a glance of that giant personality. But the desire remained buried  until 1st December, 2013 when a friend of mine invited me to attend his lecture on ' Success & Happiness' at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was my first experience to see such live packed audience of above one thousand, many of them are corporate czars, executives, academicians, diplomats and students. It seemed that all the elite class of Delhi was there. The spacious auditorium with beautiful sitting arrangements added glory to the occasion.

During his talk on ' Success & Happiness, His Holiness lauded India which practiced Ahimsa - Non-violence since thousands of years. The secular fabric of nation, he added, kept us united in the last 60 years of independence despite  many odds.

HH said that with compassion and motivation, every act becomes non-violence. He asked people to respect all religions. He equally stressed to respect non-believers. His central message is to promote basic human values in the society. He said that much of the problems are our own creation. He pointed out that the reason for insecurity is that you are less-loved. He asked everyone to train his/her own mind. His focal point which inspired me a lot is : " my best friend is my own mind ''.


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