We generally put financial goals but health goals should override all other goals in life.

When it comes to health, it is this great Guru of Yoga - B K S Iyengar, who lived a fruitful and disease-free life of 95 years.

To reach to the level of perfection in Yoga like Iyengar, one must be a born yogi.

Iyengar through his yoga teachings spread the lamp of awareness on health to millions of lives which include the famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin in1950s. Menuhin factor helped a lot to Iyengar to spread his wings in the West. His celebrity disciples include Queen Elisabeth, the Queen Mother of Belgium who showed interest to learn yoga in her eighties. Even teaching to the royal woman, Iyengar did not compromise his style - to take the full charge of body of disciple to impart the error-free yoga postures with equal stress on mind.

We have very rare gurus like Iyengar. He should have lived little longer to serve the humanity. But, in nature, everything has its own exit date and it was Iygengar's turn to pack up his earthly sojourn.

When you see his life, it is apparent that he scored so high in life in terms of personal achievement as well as great service to the humanity. May the yoga live longer and its fruits reach to each and every individual on the planet!

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