When I watched a 3 minute YouTube video to write the story  of  my friend who participated in   Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 23rd November, 2014, the visuals of event exuberated my mood.


The object of any such marathons is to raise the awareness on health and it is the need of the hour for  a country like India which has the highest youth population in the world. The motto of  the  organizers is to inspire the youth, the main target group to raise their fitness levels.


But in the event, more than youth,  it attracted  middle-aged people and one among them is  Ravi, 50.


With his wiry frame but radiant eyes, fully combed envious black  hair,  Ravi  is a fitness freak.  


Six months ago, a desire to participate in the Marathon put him on track. Since then, he started his practice without affecting his daily routine.


Weathering all the difficulties, Ravi proved that age is not a barrier  when a person makes up his mind. While talking about the event, he says that the event has taken him into a new orbit of personal health.


Some times, it appears to me  that  Body Mass Index (BMI)  is a faux.  For a height of Mr. Ravi which is 171 cm, he is supposed to have 63 kgs, where as he weighs only 54 kgs (as he claimed)  almost 9 kgs less than  threshold weight.   When asked about his health profile, he says that he follows strict exercise regimen and is decease-free.  He says that his daily workout includes yoga.


Talking about his preparation for  Half Marathon,  he says that it has in no way affected his work life.  A distance of 21.097 kms   was clocked by him  in 1 hr 59 minutes 31 seconds.  The maximum time a participant could take is 3 hours.


When congratulated by streaming colleagues and well-wishers, his beaming face accepts them with humility.  About his fitness levels, he says that, he couldn't remember when he got cold or cough last time.  Narrating his story of  fitness, Mr. Ravi says that he is doing  running practice since 2009  but not so vigorously which was started  only 6 months back  for this half marathon.   He also claims that  he  didn't  take any special diet  during practice and only simple diet and normal daily routine did wonders due to his iron will.


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