For long, I thought that meditation is sitting idle which is synonymous with boredom.   I thought action makes me superior and I must cling to it.  But that proves to be the other way,  finally.

Various masks that I wear in my daily life seems to be blocking my progress.   I must first unlearn to find ‘inner balance'.   My experience in life says that pumping  information into mind indiscriminately does not put me on a higher path.

Why meditation is difficult for ordinary folks is that they do it as an activity, thereby problems crop up.  Meditation is freeing from that daily din of life.

Living on  'present moment' is the ultimate wisdom.   Here the words of Osho must be remembered:

'' if a person is not meditating at least one hour a day, then neurosis will not be accidental, he will create it himself.''  He says that one should disappear from the world into his own being.  For one hour, he should be so alone that nothing penetrates him - no memory, no thought, no imagination; for one hour no content in his consciousness and it will rejuvenate him and that will refresh him.  That will release new sources of energy in him and he will be back in the world, yuppie, fresh, more able to learn, with more wonder in his eyes, with more awe in his heart - again a child.


Meditation is a natural state of your being.      It is to remain clutter-free in terms of thoughts, assumptions and presumptions.  Once you get into the habit of being in this state of mind, not only you derive immense health benefits but could find more inner integration, harmony in life!    

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