Be like water.

There's no stopping it.

No matter how tiny the

trickle, it's going to get somewhere!

                                          -  Ruskin Bond

 The central character of our life is moving.  Sometimes we stagnate with disgust, frustration and altercation  which is the root cause of  burnout feeling.  The whole wisdom lies in internalizing the knowledge and wisdom gained in day to day life and sometimes from the experience of others.  When you recognize a problem, reduce it into writing so that your mind is compelled to work on it.

Writing has  therapeutic benefits. That's why  psychologists advise you to maintain a journal.   Write something daily so that the expression is refined and thoughts are solidified for execution.

 The Great Greek Philosopher Heraclitus  says that “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.” Whether you believe it or not, life is a continuous flow. Trillions of cells in your body change the chemical composition of your body every nano-second.

When Nature, doesn't allow you to stagnate, why you think so !


The strongest man in 
the world is the man who
stands alone

                         - Thomas H. Huxley

Muscle power alone can't denote potency.  Right proportion of mind power with it takes you to the winning path.

 Being strong and sturdy means having self-conviction, perseverance, inexhaustible desire to overcome all the obstacles.

The real test is when you get a series of failures but still keeps your head high with one more attempt.  In this process, some times, you are forced to be alone and  failures cloud your  enthusiasm.  Then turn your mind, remind yourself with these  immortal words of Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam :

F.A.I.L means : First Attempt In Learning
E.N.D. means  : Effort Never Dies
N.O means      :  Next Opportunity.

The world would always respect those who are real-life heroes instead of reel-life heroes. Mahatma Gandhi personifies this   quality.  This fragile and wiry man shook the British Empire with his one point agenda of  ousting British Raj from India through non-violent path.

So be the strongest, physically, mentally, morally and ethically !



If you have good health, you are young; and if you owe nothing, you are rich.

                                                                                                     - Ruskin Bond

One of the great influencers on my life is Ruskin Bond.  His book  A Little Book of Life which was purchased on a rainy afternoon in November, 2014 had completely transformed my life.

One of the secrets of Ruskin Bond being the happiest man even  is his child-like mind-set.  To become like him, your stars must also cooperate apart from your own willpower.     His another equally power-packed book A Book of Simple Living  - Brief Notes from the Hills  would make you  think simple and unified  with the world, without loosing your individuality.

There is a  world of  difference between  childlike and childish.  What I learnt from the books of  Ruskin is, you should not give up childlike nature though you grow up in age.  This tenderness reflects innocence which keeps you  boundless and eternally joyful.  His argument in favour of imbibing this unparalleled trait must be accepted without a word of dissent :

I have the temper of a child, and a tendency to be mischievous. And I still retain a child-like trust in grown-ups, which sometimes works to my detriment.  But it doesn't matter.    In the long run, the exploiters and manipulators meet with their comeuppances; they are their own worst enemies. Meanwhile, I will continue being an eight-year-old.   Recently, I was feeling a bit low, so I played marbles with the children. They won all my marbles, but I felt better !

The beauty of Ruskin Bond's literature is, you need not require any physical resources to become like Ruskin.  The only prerequisite is  an open mind to embrace the Truth.  With that mind-set, your restlessness dies down slowly leading to good health by which you feel younger irrespective of your physical age.



Enthralling evening sky !

Sun as a crimson disc is on the western horizon.

Grass under my foot is radiant  with greenery.

My heart is dangled with joy by Nature's mystical beauty.

Suddenly pangs of gratitude slid me into reflection.

I thanked Almighty for not choosing me as a tree to remain stationary.

Nor a crawling ant destined to be under walkers' feet.

Not even as a stray animal hamstrung with daily ordeal of survival.

Blessed I am a  HUMAN  in the tapestry of  Creation !