Stephen Hawking needs no introduction. This Einstein of our times was born in 1942. When he was just 21 , he contracted with 'motor neurone disease' which only gave him 2 years to live, but that kept on extending till March 2018   to the utter amazement of medical fraternity.

This former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge gave mathematical proof for the Big Bang theory.

As far as I remember, it was during 2001, I got a glimpse of his much acclaimed book ' The Universe in a Nutshell' I was terrified to comprehend the concept and scientific jargon used in the book.  It  narrates the origin of Universe in common man's parlance. His other amazing books include 'A Brief History of Time', 'The Grand Design'.

I read so many articles about him especially his computer-aided voice synthesizer without which he can not share anything with the outside world. The science came to the aid of this physicist to share his insights on the mysteries of Universe.

I personally feel that the scientific temper might have kept Hawking alive till 76 years. Under normal circumstances, a crippled body could have led to diminishing mental efficacy.   But in his case, it proved the opposite. He personifies that scientific temper which helped for ground-breaking theories on Big Bang and Black Holes etc. What I have learnt from his life is his unparalleled scientific temper to remain inquisitive all through life.

Science is fast changing the way we see the world and we must constantly update our knowledge dished out by these great minds.   It will be a fitting tribute to this man if we ever expand our scientific temper which refines our everyday living.

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