One day, I believe we will be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology.

                                                                     - Mark Zuckerberg

One thing I can certainly say is to share our thoughts, the existing technology itself is more than enough and what you need is  time to devote for it.


Writing on daily basis will strengthen your expression and it  has  a therapeutic effect.   When you write on consistent basis,  your soft skills  would also improve  with time.  But the problem with the majority of folks is that we stop writing after leaving colleges.  Most of the Multi-national companies when they make campus selections, they are wary of these abilities in fresher’s who come for employment.  Because, they know that there is no institutional mechanism to  inculcate  their writing abilities beyond + 2 education  when the teaching of language subjects ends.


So daily reading of newspapers, magazines is a must so as to excel in written word.  Apart from that, everyone must inculcate reading habits by choosing a book  to read so that it would motivate them in their personal life.   The point is that the mind should not be kept blank after work hours.  

Think creatively and harness your potential. When one  strives to enrich  his/her written expression,  it will give immense positive psychological benefits.   

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