I have wondered about time all my life.

                                      - Stephen Hawking


To understand time, you need not understand the Einstein's ''Theory of Relativity''.  It is simply within everybody's reach.  

If you read science, it is so gripping that you go on clinging one book after other.   The concept of time in layman's language is entirely different.   It means, hours, minutes and seconds.  


Before the advent of these clocks and watches, we have sand timers in good olden days.  Now they are more as antique pieces.   I read about them in my childhood days, but I  saw them only during 1999 when my ex-boss got it ordered from Chennai.  That brass frame sand timer caught my eye.


I used to watch the passing sand granules in early morning to feel the significance of time.  When I gaze the passing granules  from one bulb to other, I wonder what this phenomena called Time.  

The sand timer on my Study constantly reminds me the eternity of time.  Whenever, I spend my time unproductively, to feel its significance  I gaze at  which itself reminds me my  lost time.    

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