Dog is a pretty wonderful animal. It lives in the present moment. We all live in imagination, either brooding over past or hankering for future which is the root cause of what Buddha calls, existential suffering.

The dog brings all sorts of things to the table : joy, playfulness, loyalty and connectivity, says mind-body medicine expert and word-smith Dr. Deepak Chopra. He further says that one of the greatest attributes that dogs have is their ability to just be without worrying about repercussions.

Equally interesting revelation comes from his son Gotham Chopra who in his book written with his father ‘Walking wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs and the Search for a Happy Life’ says that dogs make us physically healthier by making us exercise. They make us emotionally healthier by asking for caresses that sooth not just their bodies, but our souls as well.

Neeraj Sharma is the CEO of a construction equipment company - Aura Bucket Crusher at HauzKhas, South Delhi whose pastime includes animal welfare.  When  asked why he feeds the dogs daily, he unfolds his story.

Around 4 years back, when he went to United States for a 3-months business trip, his pet dog died back at home. During his stay in happier times  at Siri Fort Road, adjacent to my home in Sadiq Nagar,  New Delhi, Neeraj used to stroll with his dog and the pet instantly befriended with all the nearby stray dogs in the area. That pleasant routine etched on his memory.

Though the sudden death of his pet somewhat crippled him, but he found a healing outlet by feeding all those stray dogs which were once the friends of his pet.  It looks odd to strangers to see his daily acts of kindness, but his beaming face acknowledges with full humility.

When asked if anyone ever interrupted  his acts, he says that once the President of a Residents Welfare Association severely objected but when he heard his story, he got convinced and supported his cause.

Dalai Lama says : Show compassion whenever possible;  and Neeraj knowingly or unknowingly follows this dictum. The way he thrusts his legs forward to feed as many dogs as possible, reflects his deepest compassion which is certainly a commanding act of rarity.

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