There is a Zen proverb which says that when the student becomes ready, the teacher will appear.

Exactly the same happened to me some years ago when I was distraught with overwork lashing out the Creator why He is so unkind to me ?  In fact the work that comes to my way is not teasing,  but the comparison mania associated with it which is sadly lowering my performance. The pain is subtle with occasional outbursts. My deeper self wants permanent solution to quell the problem once for all. Suddenly, a close friend of mine gave an insightful article written by one of the India's best known corporate gurus - Mr. Anand Pillai.  It is about 'Personal Branding'.  I read it and re-read it repeatedly. The substance somewhat sunk into my system. Being not satiated with it, I wanted more on the subject which lead to watching a couple of his videos on You Tube.

The interesting point is the way he convinced to undertake any work, public or private with a unique Personal Branding is simply awesome. But the motivation gushes occasionally like a mountain stream. Is there is any way we could  pull the strings of motivation as a daily allowance ? The answer is ‘yes’.

It is a journey of self-discovery.  Once you are reflective enough, Gallup (American research-based, global performance-management consulting company. Founded by George Gallup in 1935) gives five simple tests to discover your strengths :

- Yearning
- Rapid learning
- Flow
- Glimpses of excellence
- Satisfaction

First identify what kind of activities are you naturally drawn towards ? The question needs a candid answer from the bottom of your heart. You may find it difficult to instantly recognize it because most of us are out of sync with our own selves in the hustle and bustle of modern  life. But one needs a deeper look to go to the next level in performance.

Second key to unlock your potential is to identify which activities trigger you rapid learning or you seem to pick up quickly.

The third in the row is ‘flow’.  Identify in what activities does the steps come to you automatically.

The forth test is identify in what activities you suddenly get a feeling of immense satisfaction or aha moment.

The fifth and final test is identify which activities that give you a kick or ultimate satisfaction.

Once the brainstorm is over, your awareness reaches to a point that you are not the previous self of mediocrity rather want to excel in whatever  activity you undertake to create your own Personal Branding !


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