A  pity parrot was seen languishing in the cage of one of our resident's apartment some years ago.  That crazy soul who put that parrot in the cage might be  trying to draw raw pleasure by locking up it in the cage.   He might have committed  this act mechanically like  planting   his choice sapling in his backyard.   His argument is agreeable if it is plant life.   But  it should not be the case with  birds.  Birds  look more beautiful when they fly.  When you put them in the cage they can't even flutter their wings freely and  it is against Nature's Law.   Like the way we want freedom, other species also want that prized freedom !

When I saw bird sellers during  one of my visits to Chandini Chowk  in Old Delhi , I was disturbed by the way people stood up in lines to purchase birds so as to beautify their living spaces. It is totally ludicrous.

 If you understand the scheme of Nature, including flora and fauna, you come to know that you can worship beauty in Nature by simply gazing and to hone this skill, you needs a little contemplation. !   

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