In good olden days, it was mirror that catered our self-glorification and now it is Selfie.  

There is nothing wrong to make it as an obsession. When you post your selfie on social media, it means you are clamoring for attention which is understandable and is a basic human need.

My younger daughter when she was in class 9 was  a bit obsessed with  selfies.  She used to change her Whatsapp profile picture now and then.  More than that, she takes selfies and show us to  extol herself.  Anchoring is her passion.  Most of the time, she used to stand in front of mirror and rehearses her acts.

I read an interesting article written by  a women   in a prominent newspaper where she admonished her obsession with selfies. My reading reaction immediately felt to give my take on the issue.

When it comes to selfies, I want to make it clear that there is no abnormality associated with selfies.  In this internet age, everyone is content-generator and this free flow of information parades the inner canvas of a person which  is otherwise conjured up, in the din of daily routine.

Blogging is a social-networking platform where you can liberally share your views/image and candidly air your views virtually on anything.  It is a forum to ventilate your creative stuff locked up inside your mind. It is not wrong to think so.   Everybody wants to give his/her own sermon on life / issues they come across or experiences.  The quality of their argument/thought is based on their upbringing, their environment  and the people they live with.

Seeking outside validation for our talents is nothing abnormal.  In HRD (Human Resource Development) parlance, it is called Strokes.  In fact, it will help to fine-tune those talents.  In fact your mind is able to synthesize all your experiences to beam back a formidable lesson not only to you for future actions,  but  seek applaud from  like-minded people.   All this can't be viewed in bad light.  Taking selfie and putting in social media is not an alien concept.  In fact,  selfie is the younger sibling of blogging.

Whenever, you get positive comments on your selfie,  your self takes a bulge and you feel propelled.  This instant-gratification is a magic pill that must be swallowed.  That's why selfie becomes a mania from teenagers to country heads.

I feel that taking selfies and instantly sharing with friends  on social media can't be dismissed as neurosis.  All of us want to be bloated-selves before others.  This is the depth psychology.  One need not feel guilty for taking selfies.  Only the bottom point is that indulgence should not go to fanatic levels and the very awareness put you on check. The moment you are aware that you slipped into dangerous obsession, it would bring you back to normalcy.  To protect you from such behaviour,  take introspection of a day's affairs before you retire to sleep.  Raise your self to a level where other's  laurels don't matter much and your own savouring of moments  pay the rewards.

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