When you are in creative mood, even the prose you are going to write gushes out like poetry.  Your  right brain takes over and do the wonders.  All these wonders happen only in solitary walks.

Do you know what's your  79th organ. Let me say ! You have 78 organs in your body, the Google Maa says.  And here is a recent addition : Mobile.  It stealthily added to your body and settled as super organ due to which hell broke loose with the kind of distractions being made.

The company of mobile phone becomes so obsessive and  compulsive  in today’s life and you can easily loose your cool.  No doubt that this gadget makes you  multi-tasking and put you in the centre of activity with all digital resources at  your beck and call.

It is so difficult  to  imagine our lives without mobile phone  in today’s world even for   a single moment. But  it severely distracts you and  mars your creativity, and pushes to different directions.  The best way to deal with the situation is remove this  phantom organ and then enjoy your solitary walks.

I,  being sick of keeping this organ (cell phone) 24x7,  one day left it at home and went to the near park to take  my 'morning walk'. Immediately, when I took my first stride, an air of freedom permeated my system.  Honestly, this phone keeps your amygdala - emotional hub of your brain - tormented.

When I entered the park, after a few steps my heart felt  to put to pen my inner canvas. Soon enough, I sat down on a side bench and started writing on the empty pages of a book which was taken to read.

The real joy started when two stray dogs started jumping, licking and caressing each other in front of  me reminding   the 'music' inside all  of us.  I know that many of the folks  are too busy to look such scenes in the din of daily routine.

By the time, I wrap up this passage, still the dogs dance was going on and I called one of the dogs and caressed it's head   ruminating my childhood moments with my pet dog !

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