My idea to call it  Black Book is basically of its importance accorded to my ideas, feelings and pent up emotions which have so far not find their place but are lurking in my mind and obstructing my progress both in personal and professional life.

Abu Bakr, the trusted advisor and close friend of Prophet Muhammad rightly said that knowledge without action is futile.  Rote learning is of no avail to you.  Keeping hordes of information will not come to your aid.  Wisdom is not something to please others.  Result oriented action is of utmost importance.   Giving sermons will not put you on higher pedestal.   You must reduce  your knowledge into action.

In fact,  this concept  of opening a Black Book came to me on one fine morning  on 25th May, 2014.   In fact this Black Book is my heart poured out on paper.  Psychologists say that when you reduce your desire to write, it gives a new thrust to your action mind.  My Black Book is a kind of  journal.  I don't necessarily write everyday.   When I flip through the written pages, I not only get   new insights to accomplish my goals,  but  learn a lot from my disasters/failures crawled over the years.

As mentioned,  the goals of my life are broadly categorized into six :

1) Physical fitness goals : Healthy life (disease free)
2) Intellectual Goals : Motivational speaker/ Knowledge sharer
3) Children career goals : Worthy of society
4) Financial Goals : Wealth at comfortable level
5) Family welfare and relationship goals - Lovable, Good Samaritan
6) Philanthropic goals : Silently do without publicity

I believe that the above goals are not only meant for me but for everyone who want to walk on the path of success !

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