Most people don't know that she is the mother of celebrity Indian writer Vikram Seth. Late Leila Seth retired as Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh and wrote a book  'Talking of Justice'.  


The topic she chose is  raging with controversies especially  after Delhi Gang Rape incident in 2012.  The book is a medium volume of two-hundred plus pages giving  a convincing argument for the rights of women, minorities and other weaker sections/ communities.


In her book, she talked about how our laws failed in dispensing justice to the common man even after the country is freed from the clutches of British Rule. She brilliantly portrayed the existing judicial mechanism in the country and what  ought to be done in gender-sensitizing the judiciary, reforming the police and  changing the social attitudes of people.


 A must read book to know the ground reality on the judicial front of  the world's largest democracy

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