The history of India during colonial times is very interesting.  The present day khaki uniform worn by Police forces in India  has a history of its own.

Lt Gen Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden, a British military officer introduced khaki uniforms  in 1846 for  his ' Corps of Guides', a regiment of British India Army in North West Frontier, India.

The word 'khaki' is a loanword from Hindustani (meaning soil-coloured) and is originally derived from the Persian word 'Khak, literally meaning 'soil'.

Earlier British Army's uniform colour is white pants and red tunic.  It was a time for British's consolidation of power in India and they  found the  colour  of their uniform  inexpedient to  fight local forces  in Western India (Afghan)  which is full of deserts.

 Finally, British Army introduced 'khaki uniforms for all its troops in 1848. Though the present Indian Army shifted to olive-green and black, the Police fraternity continue to use it till date.


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