“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”

                                                                         -Robert Louis Stevenson 


When anything crucial is to be undertaken, normally we in India look for an auspicious day/moment. Some people consult their family astrologer to see if there will be any impediment in the coming days in their lives. Some others remain frenetic regarding movement of their stars.  Is there really any good day or bad day as we think of ? This question needs a closer look.

Good or bad depends on our thought process and it is our attitude that counts. If you march forward by following  trial and error basis, then there is no need to be panic when bad moment comes. In the constant flux of events, we should have the soldier's spirit to handle the situation on hand, rather brood on planetary positions. But modern life is fast becoming a  complex web of problems and happiness remains a dear commodity even within family life. Impatience becomes hallmark of our personality. Nobody likes to tolerate the difference of opinion. Your spouse may ask you some suggestion and when you don't respond according to her/his expectation, the tirade will sweep away your own happy mood. 


The problem lies in  giving much more credence to your predestined beliefs rather application of  your intellectual ability to understand the things in a larger scheme. 


Before you label any day good or bad, start your day by gazing magnificent sun-rise. Is there any change in the quality of sun rise ? Further billions of flowers blossom on the planet Earth. When the Creator shows no difference between a good day or bad day , why do we ? It is in fact our inclination to have no failure that is blocking the road to enjoyment. In difficulty, there is an opportunity to learn. In sorrow, your cherish the moments of happiness. So it is time to look beyond the  fickle mind so that the idea of good or bad day will never crop up and wisdom always prevails to deal any  situation.




Though I am an avid reader  and having a blog for  years but  I never  posted even a single  article until March 2011 when a friend of mine persuaded me to do so.   He said that  I should write something regularly so that my creative ideas will find a natural expression and those writings may inspire and benefit at least some people. In my friend's words I should contribute something to society about my ideas/insights/ experiences on life.

After being inspired with his words,  I started writing  articles in  my blog  which  graduated me finally to write for leading newspapers.   

Writing is a tough hobby which needs tremendous mental energies to sustain it . It is in fact a kind of evolving into a higher self.    When I analyzed the lives of highly successful people, I found that Travelling, Reading and Writing ruled their lives. When asked about his life's ambitions after retirement from public life, Shri P. Chidambaram, a prominent Indian politician and ex-cabinet minister  once said that he wants to take a serious pursuit of his three hobbies i.e. Reading, Writing and Travel .

It is true that when your basic  needs are catered, this trio should rule the life.



Book Exhibitions are always an important itinerary of my life. These are the annual rituals in most of the major cities in India.

Over the years, some great books have changed the trajectory of my life.  It is immaterial whether you purchase a book or not, but a visit to a Book Exhibition will definitely give a gusto to the soul.

When I visit Book Fairs, I feel  that I am in a pilgrimage.  My relationship with books is eternal. They are my friends, companions, philosophers and mentors. In short my craving for a good book is self-driven !!



He is the mountain of wisdom and documented  the success sagas of many giants of world.  This 20th century personality development guru is responsible for New Thought Movement of America. His unparalleled insights on life through his writings lift even the dud.

I was introduced to  his literature  while I was reading   ‘ Awaken the Giant Within', the much acclaimed work of Tony Robbins, sometime in 2004.

 Mr. Robbins needs no introduction as he is one of the America's top most personality development gurus and has a reputation of conducting courses on 'Fire Walks'.  I was awestruck when I read the following fiery quote of Marden :

Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers,
powers that would astonish him that he never dreamed of
possessing; Forces that would revolutionize his life,
if aroused and put into action.

The above quote invigorated my perception of life. When it comes to his groundbreaking works, I could say that his magical words mesmerize the readers instantly to unlock their inner potential. His selective phrases and apt adjectives fit the context like colours and shades in a fabric. After reading  the  Marden, my level of enthusiasm grew manifold.   Marden's life story itself is very interesting. A medical doctor and successful hotelier, he devoted his career to writing inspiring books. He founded Success Magazine in 1897. Marden believes that our thoughts influence our lives and our life circumstances.

His famous books include "Pushing to the Front, Cheerfulness as a Life Power”. His sublime narrating style triggers so many positive thoughts and his laborious task of culling out the wisdom of past centuries is above board. All his books are must read ones which  can be freely downloadable from the web.

After reading a few of his books, I feel that no new book needs to be churned out in self help category as abundant efforts had already been made by Marden. So when you are in low spirits and searching for a pill to put you back on rails, turn to Marden's treasure trove.