If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

                                                           -  Isaac Newton

During 1999 when internet was in its nascent stage in India, I was a restless soul.  Because I had a lofty goal of saving  all my desired information into retrievable data discs for my future use.  Though I used to search my required information from 'Google', I doubted that all the online data of websites  remain on servers for ever.

But over a period of time, that proved wrong.  Now I was very much aware that Google takes care of online internet data where as orchive.org takes care of past internet data that is no longer available on the internet to retrieve .   Imagine how blessed we are ! There was a time when getting relevant authentic information is a luxury and now that becomes a sheer necessity.

Internet gripped our lives in  such a way  that we can't imagine a world without it.   Once it was said that our survival is necessitated by : Food, Clothes and House.  Now add one more : Information , without which you can't  survive.

After watching  a video of Google Founders and  being ignited by it, I bought a book Google Speaks - Times Business Series' : Secrets of the world's Greatest Billionaire Entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The book gave  me an eye-account of some of the world's most brilliant guys of our times.  In Google's terminology,  they are called ' Smart Creatives'

Who is Smart Creative ?  Ask Google's Executive Chairman and its former CEO Eric Schmidt who says that :

-  He/she is a new kind of animal key to achieving success in the Internet Century.
-  A  firehose of new ideas that are genuinely new.
-  His/her  perspective is different from yours.
-  Philosophy is : If I give you a penny, then you are a penny richer and I am a penny poorer, but if I give you an idea, then you will have a new idea but I will have it too.
-  They are the guys who are eager to use the tools of technology to do a lot more.
-   Plenty of hands-on experience.
-  They are not confined to specific tasks.  They are not averse to taking risks, nor are they punished or held back in any way when those risky initiatives fail.
-  They are not hemmed in by role definitions or organizational structures.
-  They are encouraged to exercise their own ideas.
-  They don't keep quiet when they disagree with something.
-  They get bored easily and shift jobs a lot.
-  They are multidimensional, usually combining technical depth with business savvy and creative flair.
- Let data decide, is their principle.
- Obsessive in their interest.
- They don't wait to be told what to do and sometimes ignore direction if they don't agree.
- They are communicative creatives.

As pointed by Schmidt, they are everywhere which means you and me included !  The problem is you and me may not get the leverage the Google employees are getting.  It is the employer who factors and helps to flourish the organization.

I feel that the Creator has made every one of us as 'Smart Creative'.  But the pity is, majority of us  with our own circumstances, inhibitions are rubbing of such qualities to be a goat among the herd.

It is time to be different and show to the world how different you are,  whatever the circumstances may be !

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